Apeiron strives to offer the best metathesis catalyst for each reaction. This is a non-trivial task since every transformation is different and uses a unique combination of precatalyst, substrate, additive and solvent.  To address this challenge, Apeiron developed a broad portfolio of patented and patent pending catalysts that can satisfy nearly any process using metathesis. Furthermore, Apeiron is able not only to deliver process specific catalysts but also to provide value to its clients across the whole R&D, implementation, and production process.


Major Advantages of Apeiron’s Catalysts:

  • High TON (up to 90,000) and TOF (up to 6000 min-1)
  • Operate in broad range of temperatures from 0 oC up to 140 oC
  • Compatibility with various non-polar and polar solvents including neat water
  • Easy and irreversible deposition on various solid supports – catalyst heterogenization
  • Easy-cleaning of reaction mixture from residual ruthenium
  • Initiation control for polymer applications



nitro-Grela catalyst is a stable olefin metathesis initiator active in various ring-closing, cross and enyne metathesis reactions. Its efficiency has been proven over 10 years for multiple applications in the synthesis of fine chemicals, natural products and biologically active compounds.


K. Grela, S. Harutyunyan, A. Michrowska "A New Highly Efficient Ruthenium Catalyst for Metathesis Reaction" Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 41, 4038 – 4040, (2002). More


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Stable olefin metathesis initiator with very good solubility in neat water. AquaMet efficiently promotes ring-closing, cross and enyne metathesis reactions of water soluble substrates.


K. Skowerski, G. Szczepaniak, C. Wierzbicka, Ł. Gułajski, M. Bieniek, K. Grela "Highly active catalysts for olefin metathesis in water." Catal. Sci. Technol., 2(12), 2424 – 2427, (2012). More


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StickyCat Cl

Due to its very high polarity and affinity to silica gel, StickyCat Cl, in addition to its high efficiency in various types of metathesis reactions, allows for easy and very efficient removal of residual ruthenium from metathesis products.


K. Skowerski, C. Wierzbicka, G. Szczepaniak, Ł. Gułajski, M. Bieniek, K. Grela "Easily removable olefin metathesis catalysts" Green Chem., 14(12), 3264 – 3268, (2012). More


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GreenCat efficiently promotes various olefin metathesis transformations in non-degassed and non-dried ACS-grade green solvents such as EtOAc, CPME and i-PrOH.


K. Skowerski, P. Kasprzycki, M. Bieniek, T. K. Olszewski "Efficient, durable and reusable olefin metathesis catalysts with high affinity to silica gel" Tetrahedron, 69, 7408 – 7415 (2013). More


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LatMet catalyst is a highly efficient, yet latent catalyst which requires chemical and thermal activation in order to show catalytic activity. Its characteristics are especially suitable to mold polymerization of reactive monomers such as dicyclopentadiene (DCPD).


A. Kozłowska, M. Dranka, M. Zachara, E. Pump, C. Slugovc, K. Skowerski, K. Grela "Chelating Ruthenium Phenolate Complexes—Synthesis, General Catalytic Activity and Applications in Olefin Metathesis Polymerization" Chem. Eur. J., 20(43), 14120 – 14125 (2014). More


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FixCat is an excellent choice for cross and ring closing olefin metathesis whenever product ruthenium contamination can be problematic. This solid-supported catalyst assures no leaching allowing to reduce residual metal levels below 10 ppm by simple filtration. It is recyclable in a batch setup for up to 23 runs at 0.1 mol% catalyst loading and can be efficiently used in continuous flow processes.


K. Skowerski, J. Pastva, S. J. Czarnocki, J. Janoscova „Exceptionally Stable and Efficient Solid Supported Hoveyda-Type Catalyst” Org. Process Res. Dev., 19, 872–877, (2015). More


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In collaboration with Grela group Apeiron chemists have developed a versatile set of ROMP catalysts, that provide precise control of the initiation with thermal or chemical triggers. 20 ppm of HeatMet initiates dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) polymerization at temperatures above 60oC to afford quantitative yields of poly(DCPD). Mechanical properties of the resulting materials are in accordance with those representative for industrially produced and applied poly(DCPD).


S. J. Czarnocki, I. Czelusniak, K. Skowerski, T. K. Olszewski, K. Grela “Aza Analogues of Hoveyda-type Catalyst Containing an Ester Group on the Chelating Nitrogen Atom: Synthesis, Structural and Application Studies”manuscript in preparation.


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UltraCat is an excellent catalyst for CM of terminal, type 1 olefins. Excellent for ethenolysis. Very good for mRCM and RCM leading to small/medium rings.

WO 2017/055945

R. Gawin, A. Kozakiewicz, P. A. Guńka, P. Dąbrowski, K. Skowerski „Bis(Cyclic Alkyl Amino Carbene) Ruthenium Complexes: A Versatile, Highly Efficient Tool for Olefin Metathesis” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 56, 910, (2017)


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Each of our core catalysts has been extensively tested and several have become industry standards. They have demonstrated clear superiority with respect to reaction time, temperature, dilution factor, reactivity and selectivity. Our products and services are intended to save you time and money and to transform your chemistry towards profitable and sustainable processes.

nitro-Grela Shows Superiority in Synthesis of Complex Molecules 


Advantages of 2nd over 1st generation process

  • 18 times lower manufacturing costs
  • 50 times lower catalyst loading
  • 16 times shorter reaction time
  • 20 times lower residual Ru in the product
  • 20 times lower volume of solvent
  • 7 times lower production of waste

[1] T. Nicola, M. Brenner, K. Donsbach, P. Kreye Organic Process Research & Development, 9, 513–515 (2005). More

[2] V. Farina, C. Shu, X. Zeng, X. Wei, Z. Han, N. K. Yee, C. H. Senanayake Organic Process Research & Development, 13, 250–254 (2009). More


nitro-Grela Allows Low Catalyst Loading for API Synthesis




For R&D

Our core catalysts are available and are in stock in grams quantities
from Strem Chemicals Inc. and Tokyo Chemical Industries Inc.

For production

We can deliver our core catalysts in kg quantities within 3-4 weeks.



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