Tube in Tube

Apeiron’s patent pending tube-in-tube reactor design was successfully applied in homo- and heterogeneous olefin metathesis reactions under continuous flow mode. Our reactor efficiently removed ethylene under vacuum conditions thereby significantly improving the outcome of metathesis reactions.


  • Efficient and continuous removal of ethylene
  • No scale-up effects
  • High mixing rates
  • Efficient temperature control
  • Marginal concentration gradients

US 2014/0288342A1

K. Skowerski, S. J. Czarnocki, P. Knapkiewicz “Tube-In-Tube Reactor as a Useful Tool for Homo- and Heterogeneous Olefin Metathesis under Continuous Flow Mode” ChemSusChem, 7 (2), 536 – 542 (2014). More

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SnatchCat is a metal scavenger which enables simple and efficient ruthenium and palladium removal.


  • Only 2 – 4 eq required
  • Scavenging time 30 minutes
  • Excellent solubility in broad range of solvents
  • High efficiency (usually below 10ppm of Ru or Pd)
  • Reasonable price 


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