Meet us at ChemExpo India!

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Apeiron Synthesis is excited to exhibit our innovative olefin metathesis catalysis platform at ChemExpo India. As the world evolves toward a circular economy, our technology helps the chemical sector produce sustainable and cost-effective chemical processes.

We offer catalyst screening, product and process development, and industrial catalyst supply for olefin metathesis at our booth #E-B51. Our catalysts enable innovative chemical compound manufacturing and process economy, which our clients have proven.

At ChemExpo India, we want to discuss catalysis and chemical synthesis advances with other scientists and industry people. Our expert, Monika Kulinicz, will answer inquiries and explain our solutions and options for potential cooperation. To meet or learn more, email m7n2ga1onika.kulinicz@apeiron-synthesis.com.

We look forward to investigating sustainable and cost-effective chemical methods with you.