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Hot topic ! Macrocyclic musks synthesis via olefin metathesis macrocyclization.

Researchers from IFF (International Flavours & Fragrance Inc.) one of the top 3  F&F companies in the world, together with Spanish scientist from Valencia Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica have just published an interesting paper describing the synthesis of macrocyclic musks. Utilizing specific substrate structure the authors approached macrocyclic ring-closing metathesis at relatively high substrate concentration (0.1M vs standard 5mM) isolating the product with 65% of yield using 1 mol% of our AquaMet catalyst. Application of 0.1 mol% nitro-Grela catalyst at 0.2M concentration still provided a product with a decent yield of 41%. Although the catalyst loading and yield issues must, most probably, still be addressed before this technology is utilized commercially, the job well done and the increase in throughput is worth highlighting.

If you would like to read the whole publication – click here.