Apeiron Synthesis for Pharmaceutical Industry: CPHI China

Join us at CPhI China, the No. 1 pharmaceutical event, from June 19-21.

Our team, led by Monika Kulinicz, Key Account Manager, and Łukasz Gułajski, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, will be there at Stand N3A77, showcasing our breakthrough catalyst technologies.

Meet with Apeiron Synthesis at N3A77.

Exploring any of the following goals?

  • Entering a new market, industry, or category

We can provide the catalyst technology that propels your entry into new markets, supporting your strategic expansion.

  • Increasing margins

Through our high-performance catalysts, we can enhance your production efficiencies, translating into elevated profit margins.

  • Securing supply

Our advanced solutions can increase the security of your supply chain, ensuring business continuity and resilience.

  1. Stabilizing and reducing raw material prices

Our catalyst technologies can contribute to stabilizing your raw material costs by optimizing resource utilization.

  1. Achieving production profitability

With a focus on operational efficiency, our technologies are designed to increase profitability across your production lines.

  1. Reducing environmental impact

We're committed to environmentally conscious solutions. Our catalysts can help reduce the environmental footprint of your production processes.

Monika and Łukasz are excited to share how Apeiron Synthesis can help transform your business by providing innovative catalyst solutions tailored to your specific needs. They're ready to discuss potential partnerships and provide insights into integrating our technologies into your processes for maximum efficiency. 

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