Apeiron Synthesis at ISOM-XXIV: Exploring Metathesis Olefin

Apeiron Synthesis will be participating in ISOM-XXIV, contributing to the rich tapestry of discussions on the future of metathesis.

The ISOM-24 scientific program underscores the significance of sustainable practices in the field, with sessions focusing on "Sustainable Metathesis," "Sustainable Catalysts," and the broader "Circular Economy."

A highlight of our participation?

Krzysztof Skowerski, founder of Apeiron Synthesis, will talk about metathesis olefin. We aim to provide insights into its potential and its pivotal role in advancing sustainable chemistry.

Beyond our presentation, ISOM-24 promises a comprehensive exploration of the domain, with sessions titled "New Perspectives," "New Frontiers," and "Emerging Reactions," indicating the ongoing evolution and potential of olefin metathesis.

Join us at ISOM-XXIV as we share our research, learn from peers, and collectively work towards realizing the full potential of olefin metathesis in green chemistry.