Chemical name:


Product number: AS2032

CAS number: 502964-52-5

Patent number: PCT/EP2003/011222

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Universal catalyst which provides good results in a wide spectrum of transformations. High selectivity in cross metathesis (CM) reactions between type 1 olefins (rapid homodimerization, homodimers consumable) and an electron deficient partner. Very good for metathesis with sterically demanding substrates.

Comparison with competing products:

  • RCM: It is possible to perform the reaction at lower temperature (0 °C). Hoveyda-Grubbs II require higher.
  • CM: nitro-Grela allows to perform reaction at lower temperature, with lower loading than Grubbs-II and Hoveyda-Grubbs II. The desired products are obtained with higher selectivity.
  • En-yn: using nitro-Grela gives higher conversion with 2.5 times lower catalyst loading than Hoveyda-Grubbs.

Chemical properties

Chemical formula:


Molecular weight:

671.62 g/mol

Physical state:




Handling information

High stability allows catalyst handling on air.

Storage information

Long-term storage (>1 week):

Store under inert gas in a cold place (recommended temp. 2 - 8 °C).

Short-term storage (<1 week):

Store under inert gas at ambient temperature.


Apeiron’s in-house research:





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Additional references

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