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Apeiron Synthesis is honored to take part in CPHI North America, where we will exhibit our know-how in creating cutting-edge catalysis solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Our representative, Patrycja Hen, has a thorough awareness of the problems facing the sector, ranging from the need for cost-efficient and environmentally friendly production methods to regulatory compliance.

At our booth #955 you can learn more about our:
- solutions for the pharmaceutical sector
- services for olefin metathesis include catalyst screening, product, and process development
- catalyst supply for industrial operations 

Our technology's practical application has already been shown by our clients' ability to produce unique chemical compounds and increase process efficiency thanks to our catalysts.

Please don't hesitate to contact patrycj.4t26g0a.hen@apeiron-synthesis.com if you have any questions about our work or would want to arrange a meeting with our team at the conference.