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Apeiron at the World Perfumery Congress

  • When: June 24-27, 2024
  • Where: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Why: To showcase Apeiron's catalyst for manufacturing of green perfumes with synthetic musk

Apeiron attends the World Perfumery Congress from June 24-27, 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland. The event brings together industry leaders, giving Apeiron the platform to yet against prove the value of its synthetic musk. 

Apeiron shows its catalyst for manufacturing of artificial musk that avoids animal-derived ingredients. This approach ensures cruelty-free production and boosts sustainability in the fragrance world.

Learn more from our tech team about UltraQuinCat being efficient in macrocyclization.

When compared to other available products it has: 

  • 50% higher TON in CM with acrylonitrile when compared to the best NHC-based catalyst. 
  • Tenfold higher TON in macrocyclic RCM of 16-membered lactone than Hoveyda-Grubbs and Grubbs 2nd gen. catalysts
  • equivalent of UltraNitroCat, which may give different results depending on reaction conditions