New publication in ChemCatChem about cross metathesis with actylates

We would like to encourage you to read our recent publication presenting the unexpected influence of the carbene type on efficiency and selectivity of the cross metathesis (CM) reaction with acrylates. In this study, two groups of catalysts were compared in order to find the most efficient and selective catalyst, optimal conditions for cross metathesis reaction with methyl acrylate, and to understand the key factors determining the catalyst’s performance. The results showed that due to the differences in the kinetic selectivity towards CM products, classic NHC (N-heterocyclic carbene)‐ligated ruthenium benzylidene catalysts are much more selective and therefore effective in the examined transformation than CAAC (cyclic alkyl amino carbene)‐based catalysts.

This study showed further advantages of our core nitro‐Grela catalyst that turned out to be the most favorable catalyst reported to date for this transformation and used to efficiently produce octyl methoxycinnamate (86 % yield), which is industrially utilized as an active ingredient in sunscreen formulations.

If you are interested in the detailed results, the full open access article is available here.