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Growing potential of continuous flow Olefin Metathesis with Apeiron’s catalysts

Our catalysts have been tested for continuous RCM (ring closing metathesis) in an innovative, scalable membrane pervaporation procedure. In the publication entitled “A Scalable Membrane Pervaporation Approach for Continuous Flow Olefin Metathesis” the authors have proposed a selective permeation of ethylene byproduct from metathetical process using a continuous membrane reactor.

The technology developed by the authors solves two problems usually affecting the RCM reaction, having a significant impact on its efficiency – decomposition of the catalyst due to the lack of continuous removal of ethylene from the reaction medium and poor reproducibility at the production level caused by unreliable scalability of the process.

The presented continuous RCM platform utilizing membrane pervaporation proved to be considerably more efficient than a sealed tubular reactor and was successfully applied to the RCM of small, medium, and large rings. Apeiron’s catalysts: Nitro-Grela (AS2032), Nitro-Grela-I2 (AS2052) and UltraNitroCat (AS2091) were used by Breen and co-workers in this transformation showing great results especially in terms of selectivity, efficiency and catalyst loading.

This work was performed by the experts in the field of continuous flow reactions SnapDragon Chemistry. Thank you for this outstanding work.

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