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Meet us at 2024 SOCMA SHOW

Apeiron Synthesis is going to be at 2024 Specialty & Custom Chemicals Show (SOCMA) February 19th-21st in Nashville, Tennessee.

We look forward to welcoming you at Booth No. 906, where you can learn about our work with ruthenium-based catalysts, aimed at improving metathesis reactions and the efficiency of production processes.


Meet Our Experts!

Spend time with Aleksandra Walczak - Sales Associate and Monika Kulinicz – Key Account Manager, our dedicated chemists, throughout the show. We're here to delve into your unique requirements, tackle your technical questions, and shed light on the breadth of Apeiron Synthesis' catalyst portfolio.

Don't miss Monika's insightful presentation on cost-effective metathesis and achieving process optimization with advanced ruthenium catalysts," scheduled for 19th Feb at 9:20AM in Symphony C.


You'll gain an understanding of:

  • Cost Reduction: Discover how our catalysts cut down on catalyst loading while boosting economic gains, thanks to their superior activity and turnover.
  • Reaction Efficiency: See how our solutions foster cleaner reactions with minimal byproducts, leading to enhanced yields and product quality.
  • Expanded Substrate Scope: Explore the versatility of our catalyst portfolio, capable of handling a broad array of substrates and reaction conditions, broadening your R&D and production scope. 

Your Takeaways from SOCMA 2024:

  • Learn how our advanced ruthenium catalysts can elevate the efficiency and yield of your metathesis reactions.
  • Identify opportunities for cost savings through reduced catalyst loading and enhanced economic outcomes.
  • Understand how to secure better product quality and consistency via cleaner reactions and reduced byproducts.
  • Broaden the scope of metathesis in your R&D and production efforts by leveraging our wide-ranging catalyst portfolio.


Connect with us at Booth No. 906 during SOCMA 2024. Discover the transformative potential of our advanced ruthenium catalysts for your metathesis projects.