About Us

Get to know our great people!


  • I am responsible for business strategy with a focus on establishing strong relationships with customers, partners and stakeholders.

    dr Michał Bieniek

    Chief Executive Officer

  • At Apeiron Synthesis I am responsible for the day-to-day operation of the business and corporate financial affairs.

    Łukasz Gułajski

    Chief Operating Officer

  • I am responsible for the research and development program, development and implementation of new products, and management of commercial projects.

    dr Rafał Gawin

    Chief Scientific Officer


  • I am responsible for actively seeking new market opportunities. My involvement in the integration of new technologies enables effective support for customers in achieving their business goals.

    Krzysztof Skowerski

  • I am the sales manager involved on development and fulfilment of the company’s sales strategy.

    Joanna Drygajło-Glever

  • I am in charge of general and financial project aspects. I am also in charge of coordination, management, and organisation of the company’s daily operations.

    Izabela Bednarek

  • At Apeiron Synthesis, I am in charge of scaling and optimising chemical processes and coordination of the work of the production department.

    Mateusz Matczak

  • At Apeiron Synthesis, I develop catalysts and catalytic systems for application in Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization (ROMP) reactions.

    Konrad Kurcbach

  • At Apeiron Synthesis, I am in charge of commercial projects and development of the company’s know-how.

    Michał Chwalba

  • I am in charge of organising and controlling the company’s administrative processes. I am also in charge of coordinating the administrative and financial aspects of projects.

    Małgorzata Dubikowska

  • I mainly develop and maintain strong relations with customers. I also analyse the market environment and manage customer data.

    Agnieszka Roszyk

  • I am an IT specialist. I mostly administer computer systems and provide technical support.

    Jacek Białecki

  • I deal with carrying out metathesis reactions and realization of commercial and internal projects.


    Marcin Dobrowolski

  • In the scope of my position at Apeiron, I focus on building lasting relationships with clients. Additionally, I represent the company at industry trade fairs and ensure its presence and image on the internet.


    Patrycja Mikołajuk

  • At Apeiron Synthesis I deal with organic synthesis. My tasks include the implementation of production orders as well as the optimization and scaling of chemical processes.

    Adrian Kałuski

  • At Apeiron Synthesis I am involved in the realization of commercial projects and deepening the company's expertise in the field of metathesis.


    Nils Drabik

  • At Apeiron Synthesis, I am responsible for the procurement and execution of tenders in accordance with the horizontal guidelines of the European Union. I also support the production and sales departments in their day-to-day work.


    Zuzanna Szajnocha

  • I am responsible for customer support and general sales operations. I take care of relations with our distributors. I am also involved in acquiring new customers and promoting our company at trade events.


    Monika Kulinicz

  • My primary responsibilities include controlling internal movements in accordance with ADR regulations, overseeing the warehouse spaces of our company, and ensuring compliance with occupational H&S rules within them.


    Grzegorz Szcześniak

  • As a member of the Sales team at Apeiron Synthesis, I specialize in overseeing the logistics of shipments to clients. I actively contribute to report creation, assist in event organization.

    Aleksandra Walczak

  • I support The Production Department in organizational and development matters.

    Bartosz Dziubaty

  • I am part of the Support Department, in which I am responsible for planning and managing investment processes related to the expansion of the company’s infrastructure.

    Tomasz Buchowski

  • I work in the R&D department on metathetic polymerization reactions of cycloolefins with ring opening.


    Marcin Orda

  • At Apeiron Synthesis I deal with organic synthesis, scaling, and optimization of chemical processes, as well as fulfilling production orders.

    Przemysław Ptak