About Us

Get to know our great people!


  • I am responsible for business strategy with a focus on establishing strong relationships with customers, partners and stakeholders.

    dr Michał Bieniek

    Chief Executive Officer

  • At Apeiron Synthesis I am responsible for the day-to-day operation of the business and corporate financial affairs.

    Łukasz Gułajski

    Chief Operating Officer

  • I am responsible for the management of the portfolio of commercial projects and the ongoing R&D program.

    Krzysztof Skowerski

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Professor of chemistry, expert in olefin metathesis, academic research group leader since 2000. Member of the Academia Europaea and Chemistry Europe Fellow.

    Prof. Karol Grela MAE

    Member of the Supervisory Board


  • I am the manager of research projects in charge of their scientific objectives.

    dr Rafał Gawin

  • I am the sales manager involved on development and fulfilment of the company’s sales strategy.

    Joanna Drygajło-Glever

  • I am in charge of general and financial project aspects. I am also in charge of coordination, management, and organisation of the company’s daily operations.

    Izabela Bednarek

  • At Apeiron Synthesis, I am in charge of scaling and optimising chemical processes and coordination of the work of the production department.

    Mateusz Matczak

  • At Apeiron Synthesis, I develop catalysts and catalytic systems for application in Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization (ROMP) reactions.

    Konrad Kurcbach

  • At Apeiron Synthesis, I am in charge of commercial projects and development of the company’s know-how.

    Michał Chwalba

  • I am in charge of organising and controlling the company’s administrative processes. I am also in charge of coordinating the administrative and financial aspects of projects.

    Małgorzata Dubikowska

  • I mainly develop and maintain strong relations with customers. I also analyse the market environment and manage customer data.

    Agnieszka Roszyk

  • I am an IT specialist. I mostly administer computer systems and provide technical support.

    Jacek Białecki

  • I deal with carrying out metathesis reactions and realization of commercial and internal projects.


    Marcin Dobrowolski

  • At Apeiron Synthesis I support sales department by preparing offers and shipping orders to customers. I organize trips to trade fairs, and represent the company there.


    Patrycja Hen

  • At Apeiron Synthesis I deal with organic synthesis. My tasks include the implementation of production orders as well as the optimization and scaling of chemical processes.

    Adrian Kałuski

  • At Apeiron Synthesis I am involved in the multistep synthesis of catalysts, as well as in the optimization and scaling of new chemical processes.


    Nils Drabik

  • At Apeiron Synthesis, I am responsible for the procurement and execution of tenders in accordance with the horizontal guidelines of the European Union. I also support the production and sales departments in their day-to-day work.


    Zuzanna Szajnocha

  • I am responsible for customer support and general sales operations. I take care of relations with our distributors. I am also involved in acquiring new customers and promoting our company at trade events.


    Monika Kulinicz

  • At Apeiron Synthesis I improve the work of the production and R&D department's laboratory and prepare our products for shipment.


    Grzegorz Szcześniak