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Our services

With Apeiron Synthesis you are choosing more than the best product, you’re choosing a reliable and committed partner.  

We provide customised solutions and support you at all stages - from catalyst screening, through process optimisation to technology transfer and implementation. We are there for you.

  • Olefin metathesis consulting

    Olefin metathesis consulting

    Leveraging our extensive know-how, our R&D team will support you at every stage of process development.

  • Catalysts screening

    Catalysts screening

    Apeiron’s catalysts can satisfy nearly any olefin metathesis process. Our catalyst screening service enables rapid identification of the most suitable catalyst for your reaction.

  • Process development

    Process development

    Thanks to our vast knowledge of olefin metathesis, we can optimise even the most challenging olefin metathesis reactions in a timely manner.

  • Kilo scale synthesis

    Kilo scale synthesis

    Our production capabilities allow for a multi-kilogram proof-of-concept synthesis of the desired olefin metathesis derived product.

  • Product development

    Product development

    Our R&D team has vast experience in collaborative product development projects dedicated to the preparation of novel materials of bespoke properties such as polymers or composites.

  • Custom catalyst development

    Custom catalyst development

    We have considerable expertise in tailor-made catalyst synthesis and catalyst fine-tuning to fully address your process requirements.