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Apeiron Synthesis exists to meet the needs of the future

The global transition towards circular economy necessitates the development of sustainable processes to deliver value added chemicals in a cost effective way. This, however, is often hindered by the shortage of robust catalytic methods applicable on scale.

Apeiron has successfully developed a highly efficient and scalable olefin metathesis catalysis platform to face the challenges set by the chemical industry and to meet the growing market demand for new synthetic tools in a pursuit of complex chemical structures.

Our clients have already demonstrated that Apeiron’s catalysts facilitate production of novel chemical compounds and improve process economy, manifesting the real-life impact of our technology on the surrounding world.

We are a one-stop-shop for olefin metathesis. From catalyst screening, through product & process development to catalyst supply for industrial processes – we support our partners at every stage to ensure smooth and trouble-free technology implementation.

Our passion

Providing clients with an enabling technology that will allow development of novel processes and products, thus opening new market opportunities and generating positive impact.

Our niche

Olefin metathesis for industrial applications.

Our founding principles

  • Technological Excellence

    We strive to develop new catalysts to help companies advance their processes.

  • Collaboration at the center

    We work closely with customers to fully understand and address their challenges and needs.

  • Partnership approach

    We believe flexible and customer-facing approach is key to building long lasting partnerships.

We take great pride in helping our customers simplify production processes, render them more sustainable and lower production costs.