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NITRO-GRELA i ULTRACAT during CPHI Korea for the first time

Apeiron Synthesis is set to showcase at CPHI Korea. As a pivotal event in the pharmaceutical realm, CPHI Korea is where innovations meet opportunities. For us it's a milestone - introducing our catalysts to Korean market.

Highlight: NITRO-GRELA (AS2032) & ULTRACAT (AS2086) Catalysts

Join us to delve into the transformative potential of our NITRO-GRELA and ULTRACAT Catalysts. These trailblazers promise to redefine green chemistry with their enhanced efficiency and sustainability.

NITRO-GRELA is a universal catalyst which provides good results in a wide spectrum of transformations. High selectivity in cross metathesis (CM) reactions between type 1 olefins (rapid homodimerization, homodimers consumable) and an electron deficient partner. Very good for metathesis with sterically demanding substrates.

ULTRACAT is excellent for CM of terminal, type 1 olefins. Excellent for ethenolysis. Very good for RCM leading to small/medium rings.

Visit Us at Booth G38

Eager to learn more? Our experts will be at Booth G38, ready to share insights and answer your queries. Witness the prowess of our catalysts and explore collaboration avenues.

Don't Miss Out

If you're at CPHI Korea, swing by Booth G38. Discover the future of sustainable chemistry with NITRO-GRELA and ULTRACAT. See you there!