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New Chief Commercial Officer - Dr. Cengiz Azap: his role and the future of the company.

With great pleasure, we welcome our new Chief Commercial Officer - Dr. Cengiz Azap, who has recently joined our team. Below, you will find an interview where we ask him questions about the key aspects of his role and his plans for our company's future. 

Q1: Given your previous experience in sales and marketing, particularly in the field of catalysts, are there specific insights from your past experience that you plan to apply in the current position as CCO?  

From my long track record being a sales and marketing manager for chemical catalysts serving various chemical industries, I will use not only the market insights for the current position, but also my experience of doing sales as such. Here I will share my knowledge to strengthen the skills of the sales team and develop them further.  


Q2: What do you see as the biggest challenges in the metathesis sales field, and how do you plan to address them?  

One of the challenges of marketing metathesis technology is the reluctancy of the market stakeholders to use this highly efficient technology in chemical processes. Hence, one of our tasks will be to convince the customers that metathesis brings added value to them, saving resources.  


Q3: Could you provide a brief overview of industry trends that you consider significant for the sales strategy in the upcoming years?  

Each market segment has its own specific trend, there is not a general one covering all, except one: sustainability. Carbon footprint, environment and health protection becomes more and more important to the chemical industry having strong impacts on the chemical processes. Industries need to address this by adapting the manufacturing technologies and product portfolios accordingly, which in many cases are extremely demanding and costly. Another factor which became predominant in the Covid-19 era was the supply chain: We need to make our supply chain robust, avoiding shortages of materials. 


Q4: Taking into account your previous professional experience in Germany, what prompted you to engage in collaboration with a Polish company? 

My motivation for my engagement with Apeiron Synthesis is that I strongly believe that the metathesis technology is a unique and strong chemistry which brings added value to the industry. In addition to that, the people and the organization culture were further reasons for that change. 


Q5: Do you have a favorite catalyst from our product line?  

The unique color of the metathesis catalysts has always been fascinating. Therefore, there is none I would favor more than another.