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Rafał Gawin as new Chief Scientific Officer

We are pleased to inform you that Rafał Gawin has been promoted to the position of Chief Scientific Officer (CSO).

Rafał's journey and metathesis began during his doctoral studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. Under the supervision of Professor Karol Greli, he conducted research on a new class of ruthenium catalysts for olefin metathesis reactions. His research in this field caught the attention of our company, which identified him as an excellent candidate for the Research and Development department.
Rafał has been part of the research team for almost 10 years. He is a co-author of 14 patents and 12 publications. His dedication has contributed to the development of key technologies at Apeiron Synthesis, and the catalysts with CAAC ligands are one of the outcomes of his work.

In his role as CSO, Rafał will be responsible for the functioning of the research and development department. His duties will include supporting the research team, executing research projects for clients, and continuing the development of Apeiron Synthesis' product portfolio. The close collaboration between the CSO and sales ensures responses to customer needs and the selection of appropriate products.

Congratulations to Rafał on his promotion, and we wish him continued success in his new role!