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The Catalyst Review awarded Apeiron's R&D efforts

At Apeiron Synthesis, we're committed to the pursuit of excellence in chemistry with a focus on sustainability. Our work, especially in the realm of olefin metathesis and ethenolysis, has garnered attention in The Catalyst Review. In November 2023, they have awarded the efforts and dedication of our team, led by Chief Science Officer Rafał Gawin.

Our innovative approach to catalyst development is not just about enhancing chemical reactions but also about contributing positively to the environment by paving the way for alternatives to fossil fuels. The global call to reduce our reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels isn't just an environmental must-have; it's an economic and scientific one. The significance of ethenolysis resides in its potential: it presents a route to generate valuable chemicals while simultaneously addressing sustainability.

We encourage the conversation about the future of chemistry and manufacturing. 

The Catalyst Review asked Rafał Gawin to share his thoughts on the historical challenges behind industrial-grade ethenolysis, the potential for sustainable application, and his research in this field.