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SBA-15 supported FixCat used for the metathetic synthesis of stilbene and chalcone inhibitors of Influenza A virus


Interesting application of Apeiron’s catalyst – FixCat has been reported by Bizzarri et al. in the new article published in ‘Catalysts’. The article entitled ‘Synthesis of Stilbene and Chalcone Inhibitors of Influenza A Virus by SBA-15 Supported Hoveyda-Grubbs Metathesis’ proves that FixCat/SBA-15 is an efficient heterogenous catalyst for the synthesis of stilbene and chalcone derivatives with biological activity against Influenza A virus via different types of olefin metathesis reactions.

Despite of the catalyst immobilization on eco-compatible and stable support, the activity and selectivity of FixCat/SBA-15 was at a comparable level to the homogenous counterpart in all of the types of metathesis reactions tested. The heterogenized catalyst was stable retaining its reactivity during the recycles with satisfactory substrate conversion and product yielding.
Noteworthy, antiviral activity exhibited by the derivatives obtained had significant IC50 values ​​and mainly involved the early stage of the virus-replication life-cycle, such as transcription or viral uncoating.

Demonstrated stilbene and chalcone inhibitors could be an alternative to currently available antiviral compounds against influenza A virus.

The full version of the aforementioned article is available online here.